Our counselors are trained and tested in the visa process, we ensure that the process is followed completely. Obtaining a student visa before departing the home country is a requirement for formal registration as a student at a Turkish university. Therefore, students who come to Turkey without a student visa will neither be allowed to register as a student at the university nor receive a residency permit once in the country. Student visas must be obtained from a Turkish consulate. Student visas CANNOT be issued from within Turkey. Students must take or mail a copy of your "Letter of Acceptance" from a Turkish university and a completed visa application form to the appropriate Turkish Consulate. Please note that it generally takes around eight weeks from the time the student submits his application until he receives his visa. The student visa will be stamped in the student’s passport. The student’s Visa (student visa) remains valid as long as you are enrolled at school.


Student Visa Application

Average expenses for students are approximately 500 -1000 € per month, including room, food, and transportation. However, the amount of money you will need depends on your life style. The cost of study and living will be one other consideration in student’s study abroad decision. Compared to other international student destinations, Turkey offers significantly lower annual tuition fees and much lower living expenses. According to the Mercer’s 2018 global cost of living rankings, Turkey’s metropolitan cities are in the very bottom row of the most expensive cities list.

(Istanbul = 163)