• All students holding a Turkish Residency Permit of more than 6 months will automatically be registered at the Turkish Social Security Institution through the centralised system.
  • At a national level however, the Turkish Government requires that all international students get a mandatory local health insurance policy with the Turkish Social Security Institution
  • (SGK) to enable them to benefit health insurance while in Turkey.
  • Students are responsible for their own monthly payments of health insurance contributions.
  • The insurance will be valid until the end of the academic year. In order to activate the medical insurance, students should go to the local health authority with:
    1. Resident
    2. Permit
    3. Passport
    4. Student ID
  • Students usually receive an SGK number upon the registration at the health authority.
  • NTUN Team & the International Office of the schools are available to help international students in setting up the process.
  • All universities in Turkey have a free medical service at their medical centres. It offers advice on emergency treatment and consultations on personal and health matters.
  • There is always at least one medical doctor and one nurse working during the week at the health centres of university campuses.
  • International students are strongly advised to come to Turkey with a valid health insurance policy.
  • International students are responsible for costs of hospitalisation or for any medical service or treatment not available at university health centres.