As an International student, to find proper accommodation what will meet all your requirements is really a challenge, especially in big cities. As NTUN team, we are always on hand to help you to make your staying more comfortable and enjoyable.

Most of the Dormitories are separated
(Males and Females Dormitories)

Most Turkish universities offer places for new
students in their residence, and in some of
them it’s obligatory to stay 1st year in the
University’s dormitory.

Students have an options from single rooms
with shared kitchen and living areas,
to self-contained studios.

Private accommodation. Many students live
in private, rented accommodation in the
second year of their studies.
You can live by yourself or
in shared students apartment.

All dormitory rooms are with modern
facilities have showers and baths, wardrobes,
internet connections, what provides
safe and comfortable staying.

There are also options of luxury accommodation
in different parts of the cities.

Most private student accommodation
is already furnished, but you may need
to provide your own items such as kitchen
utensils and bedding. You’ll also need
to factor in the costs for utilities.

NTUN has partnership with many good accommodation providers, and gives several choices to international students regarding accommodation arrangement prior to their arrival in Turkey. Our Team will help all students to find suitable accommodation, whether it’s dormitory, student flats or housing according to their budget.

Living in a dormitory remain the best option for international students, it’s a great opportunity for them to get involved in campus and extracurricular activities.

Dormitories are usually separated by gender and offer double-occupancy, single and quadruple rooms. All housing facilities are furnished and equipped with basic necessities such as a mini-refrigerator, bed, closet, desk, chair, bed stand, light, pillow and duvet. Students should bring their own towels, pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers.